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Albion Asunder

by Dada Paradox

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Albion Asunder (Ian Roure) The would-be conquerors denied September 1945 A plan to stop the hateful tide from rising again The Treaty of Dunkirk, nations unite Seek safety found in numbers No predatory foe will find us alone With allies split asunder In recent times the battle lines Tricked by science misapplied Through anti-social media: new ways to delude The hateful influence we sought to diffuse Convince in greater numbers This blessed native oak This once solid hope This Albion Asunder A toast, a toast of wine and ale May one day this fine land In dignity and fairness dwell And her enemies be scattered Their dark agendas fail This blessed native oak, This once solid hope, This Albion Asunder
The Castle Street Contingent (Ian Roure) In the April sun one afternoon I sat outside at the Wetherspoons For a peaceful pint but unbeknownst to me I'd meet the Castle Street Contingent He sat all alone though the table was full In wire Dickensian spectacles He said 'I serve a king that's far across the sea, And I'm the Castle Street Contingent' (Chorus) It's a far-flung distant outpost, the heart of Airstrip One Defending the realm one pint at a time Till Last orders come The king is dressed in the finest clothes With a long red tie hanging to his toes And a pumpkin glaze sprayed upon his skin He's the pride of this contingent As an X-er I'm not inclined to love any Boomer that sets himself above But I praise this one and bully any foe I'm the Castle Street Contingent
On Deep England (Ian Roure) Somewhere... A golden afternoon, pint of mild, Creased cricket whites Somewhere... A different history Made a different present you'd like Empire declined, industrial rewind, Reality refined... (chorus) Your Deepest dreams have new life Now you gave up the mental fight You can almost feel from clouded hills Your feet alight... On Deep England Somehow... Your fainted form was found And a tonic was prescribed Somehow... Then you saw the vision And your fainted form revived Escher-like design, your saviour ever kind Has graciously resigned... When you close you eyes You can see quite clearly The future comes alive Like a cartoon on TV...Oh, oh... When you close your eyes They've got you easy Selling to the blind The world you'd like to see If you just believe...
Summertown Autumn (I Roure) Summertown Autumn: motorised mowers every day Summertown Autumn: keeping the growing grass at bay No hedge untrimmed, no stone misplaced, no leaf remains un-raked Summertown Autumn: such a joy to contemplate... It's another grey and rainy English Saturday All the kids are hanging out at Starbucks - or so they say... Caroline and Anne are testing out new and exciting ways Upgrading social status while they play A five-fingered discount but it won't pay Summertown Autumn: Security's calling off the fun Summertown Autumn: young ladies think about but you have done Your mothers understand it was the same when they were young Summertown Autumn: back to boredom you must come... Oh-oh-oh-oh back to boredom you must come... Caught a little fall in Summertown today Caught a little fall in Summertown today Caught a little fall in Summertown today Caught a little fall in Summertown today Summertown Autumn
A Midwinter's Dream (Ian Roure) Here in the stillness of the night, the longest of the year Chance reflexions offer light frost upon a midnight clear Glimpsing tomorrow in shreds of the past Like leaves adrift in slumber seen Coded visions colour your shallow sleep Deep in a Midwinter's Dream Sleep though pernicious fortune taints your waking hours with fear Certainty in slumber waits and dormant thoughts in rest appear Deep in a Midwinter's Dream hopes will follow Keep them deep in the Solstice sleep Glimpsing tomorrow in shreds of the past Like leaves adrift in slumber seen Coded visions colour your shallow sleep Deep in a Midwinter's Dream Deep in a Midwinters Dream
You've Never Had It So Good (Ian Roure) Farewell sweet memory, now they've all drunk the tea You've made a strong case for insanity And now we're forced to agree As we sit in the front row All nervously watching the show (Chorus) Now that there's no shouldn't or should You've never had it so good Millions won on double talk We've never had it so odd... Welcome sweet destiny, shades of the 70s With choppy waters in the Irish Sea And bigotry let off the lead And I dare say we'll see worse Why must we proceed in reverse? I suppose it's just our turn to travel here like so many more And how hard is it to unravel your way once you're through that door Where myth is embraced and sense angrily scorned...


Ian and Liza assisted by drummers Peter West (Kent, UK) and Sebastien Gayat (Paris, France) serve up a sizzling six pack of Brit-centric, catchy and sardonic Progressive Retro-Pop.

Pandemic lockdown necessitated international and inter-county UK collaborations courtesy of Jamulus software and the WorldJam online community. Search WorldJam in YouTube or Facebook

Press from the past:
"...slacker pop with an Anti-Folk edge for the anti-Trump movement” - Nightshift magazine
“Brilliantly lyrical, darkly funny”
"Ray Davies channeled through the prism of peak-era, mid-90s Blur...""Majestically Jangly" - New York Music Daily


released May 26, 2021

Ian Roure: vocals, guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, bass, songwriting
Liza Roure: vocals, melodica

with Peter West: drums on Albion Asunder
Sebastien Gayat: drums on Summertown Autumn

(c) & (p) 2021 Ian Roure (BMI)


all rights reserved



Dada Paradox Oxford, UK

Dada Paradox's Progressive Retro-Pop deconstructs the psychedelic pop, rock & folk of the 60s, 70s & 80s to create a soundtrack that relates to the present world...

"Majestically Jangly"“Brilliantly lyrical, darkly funny”- New York Music Daily

Ian Roure: vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, Irish bouzouki,

Liza Roure: vocals, melodica & assorted keyboards
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